About YBQ

Founded in 2002, the label, YBQ Design Studios much more than a fashion house, is a material extension of its namesake, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, the man whose talents know no bounds or mediums. Distinguished as the pioneer of utilitarian avant garde amongst the inner circles of the subcontinental fashion scene, one could say the label was truly born with YBQ himself, having had the penchant for dressing up since childhood he has been dressing up himself and those who have touched him since the very beginning.

YBQ: a man of many talents & passions

Though he never formally trained, Qureshi's first bout with Fashion as a profession was in the United States where although he was originally pursuing a degree in food sciences, instead he ended up honing his skills as a fashion designer.

Being trained by a tailor named Arteen, Qureshi worked his way up from odd jobs as a sales assistant to a visual merchandiser, finally to designing for the likes of Kenneth Cole, Bebe, BCBG and Christian Lacroix amongst others, working in Nebraska and LA.


Upon his return to Pakistan, Qureshi opened the doors to first artist commune of the country. Located in the metropolis of Karachi, the Commune Artist Colony served as a melting pot for the various forms and mediums of art as well as artists while also serving as the home to his clothing label, amongst his other artistic endeavors.

Thus began the journey of churning out one thought provoking and technically sound collection after the other, eventually earning him the distinction of showing at multiple fashion weeks all over the country earning him rave reviews and a reputation for originality and genius.

Qureshi defines his philosophy as Indo-Hellenic, tracing his influence to the amalgamation of the Indian and Greek costume that is seeped in the subcontinent's history.

Yousuf designed for some of fashion’s biggest brands; Kenneth Cole, Givency, The House of Christian Lacroix, Bebe, BCBG, Arden B. and Lapis, to name a few.

Working mostly in natural fibers such as cottons, silks, jute and linen, every Yousuf Bashir Qureshi piece holds an individual narrative, it is carefully designed, self-aware, responsible and offers protection from both rays and gaze.

YBQ Design Studios

Our collections are retailed at the Commune Artist Colony in Karachi as well as their e-store http://shop.ybq.com.pk/

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